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Motion Graphics, Compositing


HUSH was brought on as a partner to design and develop a custom social media board for the Nike Women’s Marathon series in Toronto in 2015. The purpose of the install was to engage eager runners to upload and share their photos and tweets by tagging #NikeToronto.

My role was to help animate and composite namecards for each of the key landmarks and city areas that would play throughout the day, interspersed between moments of call to action. Runners were encouraged to to take photos and post to social with tags that would then populate the live updating social grid.


Illustrator, After Effects

Photo by Theo Nguyen

The Nike Women’s Marathon series already had a strong brand and visual language. We were provided graphic assets for each of the landmarks that would be represented on the social board, but it was up to us to come up with exciting and consistent layouts as well as the motion graphics language.

As a NWM runner myself, it was a wonderful opportunity to help shape the brand experience of such a fun and meaningful event.


Client / Nike

Creative Director / Jodi Terwilliger

Animation Lead / Ross McCampbell

Compositing / Melissa M-M

HUSH Studios


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