Brand, Motion Graphics

Trusted Pioneers of Adtech

Essence Global is an Adtech company. Their mission — to radically improve the value and relevance of advertising for brands and people. Pioneers in modern marketing, they use data science (AI and ML) to enhance the strategy and creativity of their partners campaigns. With 18 locations around the globe, they’re perhaps the most relevant brand you’ve never heard of.

Ueno was hired to rebrand the media agency from the ground up. Our team reshaped their brand purpose and messaging, and together refreshed the brand identity and digital experience. My specific roles on the brand team for this project included logo iteration, typography studies, brand animations and providing motion consultation for our devs.


Illustrator,  After Effects, Lottie 

Brand Identity

From big ideas to minute details and data points, Essence’s services are end-to-end and their insights are continuously updating. The variable character weight logotype and its animation are a reflection of their core brand offering.

Tech Brand vs. Culture Brand

Essence both shapes how technology is implemented and how culture is consumed. This tension was represented with a technical logo contrasted with an elevated editorial style for the brand language, leveraging big and beautiful display typography.


Brand Strategy / Megan Miller

Brand Creative Director / Aaron Poe

Web CD / Peter Reid

Design Lead / Brendan O’Connor

Design & Animation / Melissa M-M

Web Design / Chris Reath

Development / Geir Landrö

Photography / James Rice, Troy Stains


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